Our Digital Principles

Our beliefs, behaviours and our approach to delivery of digital services.

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Who is this for?

The playbook helps us to be consistent when researching, designing and building products and services. We use it within the Digital and Communications Services, with Somerset Council colleagues, and with external partners.

This play book is in BETA, we think it’s good enough to be useful right now, but there are gaps that need filling and changes to be made as we align our teams. We are always looking to expand and enhance the playbook, so please get in touch if you think you could help.

We use this set of guides to help us keep our digital products consistent and easy to use. We try to make sure that our users can always find the information they need and complete transactions quickly and easily.

We’ve created these guidelines for our digital service teams and external partners but the guidance may also be useful for anyone in Somerset who manages or edits:

  • NHS, police, university or other public sector websites
  • community, voluntary, partnership or charity websites


When designing a new digital service either internally or externally the branding must be followed.

Download the guidelines